Fortnite how to dance and use emotes

Fortnite How To Dance And Use Emotes

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Dancing and emotes, in general, are a huge part of Fortnite. It is one of the biggest factors in its rise to popularity, at least in the meme culture. However, some new players don’t know how to use emotes in the game, and therefore can’t dance. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re gonna cover in this post

How to dance and use emotes in Fortnite

By default, the emote hotkey is “B”. If you haven’t changed any settings in game, simply press “B”, once you’re in-game, and this window should pop up.

Fortnite emote and dance menu

Here you see all the emotes you’ve currently selected in your locker. If you have more than 6 selected, you can use scroll up or down on your mouse to see more emotes. Unless you’ve changed these hotkeys, of course, scroll up or down is just the default.

On a console, the default emote-key is down on D-pad. This can also be changed in settings.

If you’ve changed hotkeys and now don’t know how to dance, go ahead and click ESC, press the gears icon in the top right to open up settings. In the top menu, press the icon with 4 arrow keys. A list of hotkeys will appear, scroll down until you find the option “Emote”

Change emote and dance hotkey in Fortnite

Simply click the box right next to the “Emote” text, and press whichever key you want to be your dance hotkey.

Congrats, you can now dance your way to victory!

Fortnite black Lynx skin doing default dance

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