Fruit Piece Tier List – Best Fruits (August 2022)

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In the Roblox game Fruit Piece, you gain powers and skills from the fruit that your character possesses.

As fruits determine some of your character’s skills and abilities, they are an important factor in how strong you are.

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If you are looking for what the best fruits to use in Fruit Piece are, check out the tier list below, which ranks all fruits in the game based on how powerful they are.

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Fruit Piece tier list

Fruit Piece is a One Piece-inspired Roblox game by Pharaoh Enterprise, where you explore the world by beating enemies and growing in power.

What fruit you use in the game impacts the power of your character, as it determines some of your skills and abilities.

In the following tier list, all fruits in Fruit Piece are ranked based on how powerful and useful they are.


The current tier list is ranked based on input from the Fruit Piece community.

All fruits are ranked from S to D, with S being the strongest fruits and D the weakest. The order within a tier does not matter.

Fruits can be obtained in Fruit Piece either by finding them around the world, where they randomly spawn, by purchasing them from a random fruit NPC, or by buying them with Robux.

That’s the tier list on what the best fruits in Fruit Piece are!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please share your input in the comment section below.

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