Gear Score Guide – Maplestory 2

Gear Score Guide – Maplestory 2

This post will teach you how to increase your gear score in order to reach the requirements for level 50 dungeons, hard dungeons, and chaos raids. You needn’t worry about gear before reaching at least level 50, so this guide will only cover from level 50+. We will be covering the following topics

How to get 1500 gear score

Once you’ve reached level 50, you probably want to start doing level 50 dungeons. However, these require 1400 gear score and 1500 gear score. If you don’t have 1500 gear score from equips gathered through leveling, there are two easy ways to get to 1500 gear score.

The first method is the recommended and by far the easiest. Simply open up the black market, which is located in the bottom right corner under the third menu from the left. On the black market, you want to buy blue-quality level 50 gear. This will definitely take you to 1500 gear score and beyond.

In order to find these items on the black market, use the item filter. Choose either armor or weapons under type. Under the secondary type option, choose the weapon your class uses or the specific piece of armor you wish to purchase. Choose your job under the job-option, set the minimum level to 50 and set quality to at least exceptional. Items will now appear which should cost anywhere from 10-100k each. Start by buying your weapon as that gives the most gear score. Then buy accessories because of how cheap they are, buy the rest of your armor last.

Savagery earrings on black market maplestory 2

The other method you can use in order to raise your gear score to 1500 is enchanting. We do, however, recommend the first-mentioned method. Enchanting costs onyx crystals and crystal fragments which you need later on when enchanting epic items. If you have any enchantment scrolls for blue items you should use those as those don’t cost any onyx crystal or crystal fragments and can’t be used on epic items. If you wish to enchant your equips, simply go to click on Enchant Items in the bottom left of your inventory tap. Choose “Ophelia: A chance for succes”, as she is the most cost-efficient option.

Ophelia enchant npc maplestory 2

How to get 2100 gear score

One of the most important gear score-milestones is 2100. With 2100 gear score, you are able to queue for and join hard dungeon. These guarantee epic items every single run. There are different methods for getting 2100 gear score, we will cover three of them.

The easiest and quickest way to reach 2100 gear score is to buy epic equips on the black market. We do not recommend buying your epic class weapon on the black market. It is much more expensive than armor, and has to be replaced with epic weapons from hard dungeons later on.

To buy epic equips on the black market, choose armor under the type option, and choose at least epic under quality. As you will find out, helmets, rings, and earrings are all very cheap at a cost of about 200-500k each. All of these three items will be a more than 100 gear score upgrade from blue items. If you haven’t reached 2100 gear score by buying these three epic items, the next item you want to buy is an epic suit. They are relatively cheap, around 2 million mesos, and give a ton of gear score. Gloves and shoes are also cheap, but don’t give that much gear score, so buy the suit instead. With these 4 items you should have at least 2100 gear score.

balrog's horns black market maplestory 2

If you don’t want to spend any meso on increasing your gear score, you can find your own epic equips by doing level 50 dungeons. All of level 50 dungeons have a small chance to award epic items. The level 50 dungeon most often ran by players is the Tronix Bunker dungeon, as it is by far the fastest to complete.

Tronix Bunker dungeon loot maplestory 2

The third way to increase your gear score is by enchanting your current items. However, once again, we recommend that you save your onyx crystals for enchanting your epic items from hard dungeons.

How to get 4500 gear score

The next major gear requirement in the game is 4500 gear score. This amount will enable you to access chaos raids. After doing hard dungeons for a while, you will have an epic item in every equipment slot, unless you decide to run high stats savagery accessories and or armor. Nevertheless, you’ve probably noticed that even though you have gathered all these items, you still haven’t got 4500+ gear score. In order to obtain this amount, you must start to enchant your items, and most importantly your weapon. If all your gear is epic, enchanting your weapon(s) to +12, will put you just around 4500 gear score. You might have to enchant some of your other equips a bit, but not much. Enchanting your weapon will also be by far the most beneficial for your character, so focus all your enchanting on your weapon.

To enchant your weapon to +12 or more, you will need to gather onyx crystal, chaos onyx crystal, crystal fragments, and copies of the weapon being enchanted. There are multiple ways of obtaining these items such as daily missions, adventure bonus boxes, the black market or dismantling equips. If you want to gather more onyx crystal than fromdaily and weekly tasks, you should farm mesos.

Enchanting throwing stars maplestory 2

How to get 5900/7800 gear score

These two milestones are currently the two highest in Maplestory 2 global. The 5900 requirement is for Normal and Hard Moonlight Fortress, and the 7800 requirement is for Ludibrium Clock Tower. The way to obtain these gear scores is quite simple, but hard to do in reality. All you have to do is do the Shadow Alter chaos raid in order to obtain legendary items. Legendary equips have higher gear score than epic equips, so when you’ve acquired enough legendary equips and enchanted them, you should be able to do the next chaos raid. Repeat this until you have more than 7800 gear score and are ready to take on the mighty Papulatus!

Hard Shadow Alter chaos raid rewards maplestory 2

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