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Hardhead Squad: MMO War is a new real-time strategy game by Rovio in which you build a powerful base, raise an army of troops, and conquer the land.

The game is similar to PvP strategy games like Rise of Kingdoms and Lord Mobile but comes with twists, making the game unique.

The game has the player conquering multiple territories, all while recruiting new troops and researching new technology that will aid the player in battle.

If you want to promptly defeat your enemies, you’re going to have to recruit the fiercest of heroes to help make you on your crusade.

Remember, players can also attack your base, just like you can theirs, so make sure to bolster your

The game is available on Google Play.

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At the beginning of the game, players are introduced to Las Islas Verdes, which are islands that have been overrun by crooks and enemies.

At the start of the game, you’re going to have to defeat and conquer the outposts of these crooks.

All of a sudden, one of the crooks will snatch up and kidnap the tutorial lady.

This leads the player to choose from one of four heroes to help save the tutorial lady.

The four heroes that you can choose from are Raven, a Rambo looking character, Johnson, a grenade launcher wielding character, Vijayanta with some sort of mech-suit, and Laptop, a woman that seems to be a marksman with advanced technological capabilities.

Basics of the game

The main objective of Hardhead Squad is to build a strong base, train powerful troops, and expand your kingdom by conquering empires and landmarks.

Building new structures and upgrading the buildings in your base is essential to your progress in the game, as you’ll unlock new troops, get more resources, and more.

To gain an edge over other players and difficult enemies, you have to assemble a strong combination of troops.

Expanding your base and upgrading buildings and troops is expensive. Therefore, you need to farm a lot of resources.

You can get resources by farming them through specific buildings in your base and by defeating enemies or raiding other players.


Gameplay in Hardhead Squad is exciting, yet simple enough for anyone to enjoy the game.

You can develop advanced strategies to optimize the resources and power you’ve obtained.

Meanwhile, casual players can do just fine without having to go overboard with strategies and calculations, making the game great for both hardcore and casual players.

Progression in the game is also similar to other strategy mobile games.

If you want to progress through the game, your Command Center has to be upgraded a lot.

The Command Center is the central building in your game, which controls how much you can upgrade all other buildings as well as which you have build.

To upgrade the Command Center, you need a combination of Food Supplies, Walls, and Farms.

Upgrading the Command Center to level 4 will unlock the War Factory, the War Factory enables you to train Mechanized units.

These units are stronger than your standard infantry units but need more resources to produce.

Upgrading the Command Center to level 9 will allow you to unlock the Oil Rig.

The Oil rig produces Fuel, another integral resource that you’re going to need later in the game.

When your Command Center reaches specific levels, you will unlock more buildings, higher upgrade levels, and more.

As having a high-level Command Center in the game is so important, make sure to keep upgrading your Command Center as much as you can.


If you want to progress quickly in the game, you have to gain as many resources as possible.

Due to the time restrictions in the game, you should prioritize buildings and items that will enable you to get the most resources.

This means that upgrading your resource collectors like the oil rig and farm should be done before any other.

Next, you want to upgrade your barracks and other troop upgradable buildings.

Upgrading these will help you increase your power, allowing you to defeat more enemies and thereby gain more resources.

Even though you should always look to upgrade your Command Center, you need to make sure the level of your remaining buildings follows.

Later on, however, when it takes a long time to upgrade your Command Center, you can ignore how much you’ve upgraded your remaining buildings.

Buildings such as the War Factory and Combat Lab are essential if you want to attain stronger and more efficient troops.

The war factory allows you to train troops such as the HumVee, a mechanized vehicle that does immense damage.

The Combat Lab allows you to research perks that will aid your troops in battle.

Some of these perks include upgrading your squad size, your squad speed, or population.

The hospital is also an important building, as it enables you to heal your troops after the battle.


Joining a guild will help you with your progression in Hardhead Squad.

When you’re in a guild, you’ll be able to interact with other players, which also come with the perk of giving and receiving aid when needed.

Being in a strong guild will be of much benefit when you try to conquer land, face powerful foes, or your base is under attack and you’re in need of resources.

Another benefit of joining an active guild is that other players can help you if you have any questions.

Lastly, many players enjoy being in a guild because of the social aspect your guild creates.

Hopefully, with this beginner’s guide, you have a better understanding of the game and will have an easier time progressing through the game.

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