Brawl Stars how to add friends guide

How To Add Friends In Brawl Stars Guide

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There are several different ways to add friends in Brawl Stars. Start by heading to the lobby and then press the “Social” tab on the left side of your screen.

Social tab in lobby screen, Brawl Stars screenshot

Once inside the social page, press the “Friends” tab in the top of your screen. Here there are several ways to add your friends.

Social page screenshot Brawl Stars

If you wish to add friends from your Facebook account, simply press “Connect” under the Facebook friends section.

To send a friend request to a friend, press the “Share Invite” button. You can choose between a wide range of ways to send your friend invite such as Message and Mail.

By pressing the “Suggested” tab, you can add other players you’ve recently played with. You can also see how many trophies they have under this tab.

When a friend sends you a friend request, you can see it under the “Invites” tab.

Joining a club is another great way to find new friends on Brawl Stars. Once in a club, simply click on another player and press “Send Friend Request”. Learn more about clubs in Brawl Stars in our full clubs guide.

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