Brawl Stars how to get star tokens guide

How To Get Star Tokens Guide – Brawl Stars

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Star Tokens are important to collect in Brawl Stars. By collecting 10 star tokens, you receive a big box, which is similar to a brawl box just bigger. Big boxes contain 5 rewards, each of which is more valuable than those in Brawl Stars.

You get star tokens by getting a win in a new game mode you haven’t gotten a win in since the last event reset. You can see when a new event is added right above the game mode box in the main lobby.

New event countdown Brawl Stars

To play a new game mode, press the game mode button, and choose a game mode you haven’t gotten a win in since it was reset.

Brawl Stars new events screenshot

Tapping on any “New Event!” box will give you 10 tokens. If a game mode has the new event text on top of it, you can get a star token by getting a win in it. To see if a specific game mode will give you a star token from winning, look for the white star icon with wings on top of the game mode button. If you haven’t gotten a win in a certain game mode, you will get a star token by winning a game of it. Even if it’s been a while since you took the token reward by pressing on “New Event!”.

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