How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite Season 9

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite Season 9

With the release of the new battle pass in season 9, many players wish to get as much xp as possible. Getting xp and leveling up will not only unlock new styles, pickaxes, back bling, etc from challenges but will also level up your battle pass faster. In this guide, you will learn how to quickly level up in Fortnite, and gain that xp so you can unlock season 9 rewards. The following methods will be covered in this post. Update: This post has been updated as of the release of season 9 to make the following tips up to date.

Weekly challenges

Doing weekly challenges is one of the best and fastest ways to gain xp and level up in Fortnite season 9. Weekly challenges reward you a chunk of xp after completing 4 weekly challenges within the same week. The later weeks of the season 9 battle pass give more xp for completing 4 weekly challenges. These xp rewards range from 5k to 10k xp. You also get xp from the games you play while doing these weekly challenges.

Fortnite season 9 weekly challenges exp reward

Play with friends

Fortnite rewards players for playing with their friends. If you play duos, or squads, including LTMs with your friends you will get an xp boost per player. This means being 4 people in your lobby will give you the highest total xp boost. Usually, it’s also easier to survive for longer and potentially getting a win in squads and duos compared to solos, which further increase the xp gained. If you don’t have anyone to play with on Fortnite, you can go into any LTM, press Esc and add everyone in your game. Some people will accept your friend request. After acquiring a ton of friends on Fortnite, simply invite all of them and you will hopefully be able to gather a full lobby.

Level up battle pass

Leveling your battle pass is a great way to get xp. Within the season 9 battle pass, there are several xp related rewards. The most important of these is the xp boost rewards. There are both personal and friend bonus xp rewards. Personal xp bonus increases the xp you get by 10%. The friend xp bonus increases the xp your friends get by 5% when they play in the same lobby as you. This is why it’s even better to play with a full lobby of people who have a high-level battle pass, as both of these xp bonus rewards appear several times in the season 9 battle pass.

Fortnite season 9 personal xp boost bonus battle pass reward

Besides these xp boost rewards, which boost the amount of xp you get by playing games, there are also pure xp rewards. These pure xp rewards don’t give as much xp as weekly challenges rewards do, but will give a decent chunk.

Fortnite 1000 season xp battle pass reward season 9

Daily challenges

Daily challenges are assigned to you every day. These challenges are often very simple and easy to complete, such as get a couple of eliminations with a certain weapon. Completing these daily challenges give you 500 xp and 5 battle star points. Not only will the 500 xp quickly add up if you do all of the daily challenges, but the 5 battle star points help you level up your battle pass. Leveling up your battle pass will increase your xp boost bonus which further increases your xp gain.

Fortnite daily challenges xp rewards season 8

Survive for longer and get eliminations

When you’ve completed all the challenges available to you, you have to play games to get xp. However, the amount of xp you get from playing games isn’t just based on the number of games you play. The longer you survive, and the more eliminations you get in a game, the more xp you receive. It is much more time efficient to prioritize surviving and getting kills than playing tons of games. If you manage to get a victory royale, those obviously give the most amount of xp. To increase your chances of survival and getting kills, you can check out our beginner guide, build guide, and aim guide.

Fortnite season 8 gameplay screenshot

Play big teams LTMs

Limited time modes where you are many players on the same team, such as Team Rumble or 50v50s, are great for getting a lot of xp. This is because you are much more likely to get a victory royale, a lot of eliminations, and survive for a long time. In the team rumble game mode, you are guaranteed to survive for the entire game as you respawn, which brings you a good chunk of xp, even if you lose the game. If you manage to win a solo, duo, or squads game, that will give more xp than a game of LTM, however, for some people that is not very likely. Therefore, we recommend the average player to play LTMs with huge teams, as they give consistent, high xp rewards.

Fortnite game modes season 9

Take advantage of XP events

Every so often Fortnite will run an xp event. These events increase xp gain 100%, giving you 2x xp for however long the event runs. Be sure to take advantage of these events as they can really take you far into your challenges. Xp events are usually held around special holidays and towards the end of a given season.

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