Maplestory 2 – All Classes Guide + Pros & Cons

Maplestory 2 – All Classes Guide + Pros & Cons

Picking what class to play is one of the most difficult decisions in Maplestory 2. This post introduces, describes, and provides pros and cons for each class to help you figure out which class is right for you.

In the current version of Global Maplestory 2, there are a total of 10 classes each with their own strengths, utilities, and weaknesses. All classes are viable in the game, and each DPS-class will perform relatively similar in terms of damage output. So unless you are an extremely hardcore player, you want to pick whatever class you find the most enjoyable.

The 10 classes currently in the game are as follows


knight class maplestory 2

The Knight class is a classic melee warrior that utilizes a one-handed sword and a shield. This class is for anyone who enjoys standing in the middle of a fight with high defenses and considerable damage but also enjoys to help out allies. Especially their barrier skill is useful in boss fights as it leaves allies inside invulnerable for a short period of time. Knights have a range of melee-based skills as well as short-ranged abilities.


  • High defenses and health
  • Great utility
  • Essential in many late game boss fights


  • Low mobility
  • Medium DPS
  • Melee range


Wizard class Maplestory 2

The Wizard class utilizes a staff to bring down enemies using magical abilities. If you enjoy flashy abilities, high damage and a well-rounded kit, Wizard is definitely a class to consider. Wizards have tons of spells, including three element paths, fire, ice, and lightning. Wizard is a very beginner-friendly class as it is simple to play, is powerful, has a great buffing spell and teleport.


  • High DPS, both at bossing and mobbing
  • Very easy to play
  • Great mobility


  • Low defenses and health
  • Playstyle can feel repetitive/slow
  • High spirit costs – needs to hit important/expensive abilities


Archer class maplestory 2

The Archer class is Maplestory 2’s take on a classic archer that utilizes a bow in order to defeat the enemy. The Archer is a ranged DPS that primarily uses its eagle- and rapid-fire abilities. Archers are great at bossing (single-target) and are also very useful in raids because of their buff, Sharp Eyes, which boosts the entire teams’ accuracy and critical rate. Archers don’t have many defenses, which is exactly why their range is one of the longest in the game.


  • High bossing DPS
  • Great mobility
  • Long-ranged


  • Poor defenses and health
  • Lacks great AoE
  • Difficult to maximize DPS


Thief class maplestory 2

The Thief class is a melee DPS, who utilizes two daggers. Thieves have a lot of mobility-based attacks which makes them a very fun class to play for those who enjoy flying around the map doing combos and dodging attacks. Being mobile and moving around is necessary for the thief class as they aren’t very tanky. For a while, the thief class has been receiving buffs, then nerfs and so on, which have made them underrepresented in the raiding scene due to their low DPS when not played perfectly. However, if you are simply playing the game to have fun, you should pick whatever class brings you the most enjoyment.


  • Unique playstyle
  • High mobility
  • Great PVP class


  • Very hard to master
  • Low defenses and health
  • Low DPS if not played


Runeblade class maplestory 2

The Runeblade class uses magic combined with its blade to bring down the enemy. Runeblade combines magical spells and melee slashing abilities. This DPS class does not only bring great damage but is also relatively tanky. Typically there are two builds people use late game, one of which is very simple. The other one does require a bit of practice though, as it involves canceling a spell in order to maximize DPS. If you enjoy high damage, ranged abilities depending on build, and durability, Runeblade might just be for you. Runeblader’s buffing skill is also very useful in raids and dungeons. By choosing between Fire, Ice, and Lightning sigil, the player can choose their own playstyle.


  • Great DPS
  • Good defenses and health compared to other DPS classes
  • High spirit regain per second


  • Not top tier in late game raids
  • Gameplay can seem slow
  • Has to switch between ranged and melee abilities


Berserker class maplestory 2

The Berserker class is a strong warrior who utilizes a two-handed sword. Not only are berserkers strong in terms of damage, but they also possess a decent amount of defense and health, but not as much as Knights. Even though berserkers do have some tankiness, they are purely melee and lack mobility which can cause difficulties during bossing. If you enjoy swinging a huge sword at your enemy or using the famous spin-to-win ability, beserker might just be for you.:


  • High DPS
  • Spin to win
  • Easy to play


  • Low mobility
  • Only melee-ranged abilities
  • Potion heavy


Priest class maplestory 2

The Priest class is essential in many boss encounters, dungeons, and raids because of their ability to heal and buff teammates. Priests can also do some damage, but are most useful as a support, which is exactly how most priests play their character. If you enjoy being an essential part of a team, keeping your allies alive while buffing their attacks, priest is probably the class for you.


  • Amazing at healing and supporting allies
  • Very easy to find dungeon or raid party
  • Greatly increases party’s damage and spirit regain


  • Low DPS
  • Not great at solo/leveling
  • Lacks great mobility

Heavy Gunner

Heavy gunner class maplestory 2

The Heavy Gunner class is a ranged DPS that utilizes a Cannon. Heavy gunner is similar to the archer class but is actually easier to play. If you enjoy taking out multiple enemies at once, the heavy gunner might just be for you as they have phenomenal AoE abilities. This class has high mobility and for good reason. As a high-damage ranged class, the heavy gunner doesn’t have the greatest defenses or health.


  • Good DPS
  • Great AoE
  • Easy to play


  • Low health and defenses
  • Many abilities have a long cooldown
  • Some abilities require long channeling


Assassin class maplestory 2

The Assassin class is a mobile high-damage ranged DPS who utilizes two throwing stars. This class is one of the highest damage dealing classes in the game, if not the highest. They do best against single targets such as bosses, but do also have a range of different AoE abilities. Assassins don’t have the greatest amount of defense and health, which is why they have three dashes which can be used very often. If you enjoy rapid attacks, dealing tons of damage and jumping around the map, Assassin is for you.


  • High DPS
  • High mobility
  • Fun to play


  • Low health and defense
  • Requires lots of dodging
  • True damage potential unlocked with late game gear

Soul Binder

Soul Binder class maplestory 2

The Soul Binder class is the latest addition in the global version of Maplestory 2. They utilize Orbs as weapons and have very unique spells. Soul Binders are both a DPS and healer class, which kinda puts them in a weird spot. They are out-damaged by other DPS classes in most fights, and aren’t as good at healing and buffing as priests are. However, if you enjoy being able to do a bit of both, and have the ability to heal yourself, this class might just be for you. Soul binders also have very flashy and some enourmous skills which players always enjoy.


  • Unique class
  • Able to self-heal and shield
  • Great potential in PvP


  • Middleground between a DPS and a healer
  • Cooldown heavy
  • Lacks damage abilites at higher levels

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