New Cyberpunk and Witcher Games Have Been Announced by CD Projekt Red

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CD Projekt Red, the maker of hit games Cyberpunk and The Witcher, took to Twitter to announce a slew of new games. We do not know much about any of the announced games, but it is enough to get you very excited.

The first game announced in the Twitter thread was a new Cyberpunk game. Codenamed Orion, the next installment in the Cyberpunk series, will continue to harness the potential of the dark universe.

The Witcher Polaris is the codename for the next installment in The Witcher. It will begin a new chapter in the series and Polaris will be the start of a new RPG trilogy.

Canis Majoris, will be another full-fledged Witcher game that is separate from the Polaris trilogy. Developed by an external studio headed by developers who have worked on past Witcher games.

Sirius will be set in The Witcher universe and will be created by The Molasses Flood with support from CD Projekt Red. This game will offer multiplayer gameplay as well as a single-player campaign.

Also announced was the existence of an entirely new IP. Codenamed Hadar, this game is extremely early, and development has yet to start. They are still working on setting the foundation of the game.

With all these announcements, it is a great time to be a fan of CD Projekt Red games.

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