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Onyx Crystal Farming Guide – Maplestory 2

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This guide will show you the various ways of farming onyx crystals. Onyx crystal is one of the most important items in the game, as they are used for enchanting. We will be covering the following methods of gaining onyx crystals

Dungeon runs

You can farm onyx crystals by doing normal and hard dungeons. If you open the “Challenge Map” tap, you will be able to see all the boxes you can earn. There are 8 tiers of the Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box, which is awarded when a certain amount of dungeons are cleared. The first tier box is received after 1 clear and the last tier after the 30 clears. These rewards reset weekly, which means that you can farm these 8 dungeon boxes once every single week. If you farm all 8 boxes a week, you will receive a total fo 8500 onyx crystal weekly. These boxes also reward other useful items such as chaos onyx crystal, crystal ore, and blue star. Therefore, we recommend you try to acquire all 8 boxes per week.

dungeon adventure bonux box maplestory 2

Daily missions

Another great way to farm onyx crystal is by doing daily missions. You can earn onyx crystals from the Material Mission Box, which is awarded from Hoard Things missions. However, what really is going to give you a ton of onyx crystal is the Gold Mission Complete Boxes. These boxes are earned by collecting enough mission points each week. Daily missions award 30 mission points each. You need 300, 600 and 900 mission points to receive the 3 tier boxes. Just like the dungeon reward boxes, these gold mission boxes can only be acquired once per week. So as a part of your weekly task list, you should do at least 30 daily missions in order to receive all three gold boxes. This will give you a total of 14400 onyx crystals per week, as well as other useful items.

gold mission complete box tier 3 maplestory 2

Black market

This next method is very simple but does require mesos. If you don’t have a lot, you might want to do some meso farming. Simply open up the black market and search for onyx crystal. A lot of onyx crystal is constantly being sold on the black market only the mesos in your inventory limits how much you can acquire through this method. At the moment, onyx crystal is being sold at around 440 gold each. This price does, however, change.

onyx crystal on black market maplestory 2

Dismantling items

Onyx crystals can also be gathered by using the dismantle items-feature. To do this, open up your inventory tab and click on dismantle. You will receive onyx crystals when dismantling items depending on their level and quality. This means that you can farm onyx crystal by farming equips. You can farm equips by killing mobs on maps, killing world bosses, or doing dungeons. A great way to gather a lot of onyx crystal through this method is by doing a lot of hard dungeons and dismantling epic gear. You can even do hard dungeons on multiple characters to bypass the weekly cap in order to farm more onyx crystals.

Dismantle items maplestory 2

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