Fortnite how to tier up battle pass fast season 9

Quickest Way To Tier Up Your Battle Pass – Fortnite Season 9

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With the new exciting season 9 battle pass, many players wish to tier up as fast as possible. Many great rewards lie ahead in those high tiers, so if you want to get there, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show to the quickest way to tier up your battle pass by listing the 4 ways to tier up. These ways are listed in order of what gives the most battle pass stars. Therefore, you should do the following in given order. Notice: This post has been updated as of the release of season 9 to make the following tips to be up to date.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges give by far the most battle stars points. Not only do they give a lot of battle stars, but they are usually quite fast to complete as well. Prioritize doing weekly challenges over anything else if you wish to tier up your battle pass as fast as possible. When you run out of weekly challenges to complete, go the new next method in this guide and do that instead.

Fortnite weekly challenges rewards screenshot season 9

Collect hidden Battle Stars

A great way of gathering battle star points to tier up your battle pass is to collect hidden battle stars in-game. Not everyone knows of this, but every time you complete all weekly challenges within any week, you unlock a secret battle star or a hidden banner. Secret battle stars and banners appear at a given location on the map. Finding the secret battle stars and searching them will grant you 10 battle star points each which is quite a lot. With a total of 10 weeks in season 9, you can expect a decent amount of secret battle stars throughout the season which you should definitely collect.

Fortnite secret battle star screenshot season 9

Daily Challenges

Once you’ve completed all your weekly challenges and collected secret battle stars, it’s time to do daily challenges. You find these challenges in your lobby screen or under the challenges tab. Usually, daily challenges are fairly simple to complete such as outlast opponents, place top 6 in squads and so on. Completing a daily challenge will award you 500 xp and 5 battle star points. With 7 daily challenges being given to you each week, that’s a total of 35 battle star points if you complete them all. Therefore, you should definitely take advantage of these challenges.

Fortnite daily challenges screenshot season 9

Leveling Up

Grinding xp and leveling up is the only way to collect more battle star points to tier up after you’ve completed all weekly & daily challenges, and collected secret battle stars. Every few levels you will receive a couple of battle star points simply by leveling up. You can see your next level up-reward in your lobby screen. Check out our guide on how to get xp fast in season 9 to level up as fast as possible.

Fortnite level up rewards season 9

Buying Tiers

This method is probably not something most players wish to do as it is quite expensive. However, a way of tiering up your battle pass at a fast pace is by simply buying tiers. Buying tiers cost V-Bucks which is why a lot of players don’t do it. To purchase tiers open up your battle pass and press purchase tier.

Fortnite season 9 battle pass screenshot

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