Rabbids: Party of Legends Released – A New Party Game!

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You are currently viewing Rabbids: Party of Legends Released – A New Party Game!

The Rabbids are back in a brand new party game. Rabbids: Party of Legends is a multiplayer game full of minigames for friends and family.

It also includes a story quest with the Monkey King.

Whether you are having a game night with some friends or just want to try a new story with the Rabbids, this new game has something for everyone.

Many Minigames

Up to four players can compete against each other, either in teams of two or a free-for-all.

With 50 different minigames to choose from, there are many ways to compete.

If toppling each other over in battles is not your style, you can have a dance battle instead.

Try seeing who can eat the most chili peppers or who can strike the silliest pose.

You can even make customizable playlists of all of your favorite minigames.

Make different playlists for family game nights or for your best friends so that no matter who you are playing with, you can all enjoy your favorites.

A Curious Quest

Even if you are not hosting a game party night, you can still play Rabbids: Party of Legends.

Instead of using the party mode, go on a story adventure with the Monkey King.

Over the course of four chapters, you can complete a quest filled with games and fun.

Play It Your Way

Rabbids: Party of Legends has customizable difficulty levels, so anyone can play.

The controls are intuitive, and players can even enable motion controls for extra immersion and fun on the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s docking capabilities and play Rabbids: Party of Legends on your TV for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you choose to play in party mode or story mode, there is no shortage of hilarious moments in the new Rabbids: Party of Legends game. 

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