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Rusted Keys Guide – Maplestory 2

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This is a guide on the item Rusted Key in Maplestory 2. The following topics are covered

What are rusted keys used for

The primary purpose of the rusted key item is to analyze it. Analyzing it turns it into either a B1 key or a B4 key. These two keys are required to enter the treasure dungeons, Abandoned Mine B1 and B4. Of these, the B4 dungeon is by far the best. In Abandoned Mine B4 you can receive reroll-scrolls and tier 2 gemstone boxes. Therefore, players wish to receive B4 keys when analyzing their rusted keys.

As rusted keys are useful, people will buy them on the black market. This means that you can farm rusted keys in order to make mesos. You can also analyze rusted keys yourself and hope for a B4 key. However, the chance of receiving one is low and it is expensive to analyze a key.

Treasure dungeon Abandoned Mine B4

How to get rusted keys

Rusted keys are found in wooden and golden chests. These chests spawn throughout the maple world, but more frequently on certain maps. If you want to farm the rusted key item, try out North Royal Road, Blazing forest, or Mounthill. All of these maps have many chests on them. When you’ve cleared the map, simply change channel and you’ll have a fresh map to look for keys.

You can also buy rusted keys directly from the black market if you wish to.

golden chest in maplestory 2

How to analyze rusted keys

To analyze a rusted key, go to the NPC Natalie in Tria. Natalie is located right in the middle between the portal to Middleton and the portal to Beauty Street.

Natalie key analyze npc maplestory 2

Once you’re there, speak to her and choose “Analyze my Rusted Key, please.” You can then select your key and press analyze. It will cost 100k mesos to analyze the first key. The second key you analyze will cost you 300k, the third 500k, the fourth 700k, the fith 900k and so on.

rusted key analyze maplestory 2

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