What Does Outlive Opponents Mean In Fortnite?

What Does Outlive Opponents Mean In Fortnite?

You’ve probably stumpled across challenges in Fortnite, asking you to outlive opponents. However, there are a bit of confusion around what outlive opponents is, and how to achieve it.

To outlive opponents, you simply have to survive longer than other players in a game of Fortnite. For example, if the lobby starts at 95 players, and you die when there are 65 players left, you will have outlived 30 opponents.

An easy way to complete these challenges that require you to outlive opponents is simply to hide. If you land at a location with few people and find a great hiding spot, you should be able to survive until there are around 10 people left. This will net you around 85 outlive opponent points each game.

hiding to complete outlive opponents challenge in Fortnite

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